Vicus Lusorum Etiquette

There is no Canon, no truly outlined set of rules for how games are played, with the only real requests, out of courtesy, being these:

1. Give credit and links, in all things: only one’s own original compositions do not require a source name, link, and year (when year is known). ESPECIALLY give credit and source links to online artists, whose independent websites and web traffic may be their primary or whole source of income. Strive to include the original source for everything posted, and not to rely on popular image hosts and aggregators as your sources for links.

2. Stay accessible. This means many things: first, please use English for content, because even for non-English-speaking individuals, English is the language which most effectively translates in translation software. Keep main font white and 12 pt or larger in Arial font. Keep links blue, with the same standard. Second, please give verbal content for any node which would otherwise contain only an image or only a sound clip. If you choose to give a written transcript of sound clips, and verbal descriptions of posted images, this is even better, and these make the site more accessible to individuals with sensory impairments. Conduct no Walled Gardens (nodes which don't link anywhere in the Game except to other nodes by the very same author). You can certainly play a solitary game, but it is good courtesy to link with at least one other node, as a way of inviting others to view and critique and praise your game.

3. Be excellent to one another, in content, editing, and reply threads. Abstain from destroying another’s original content or removing their connections and sources. Editing to improve format and to add sources and connections is always acceptable.

4. Do not include content which would violate the site's terms of service, such as images or videos of explicitly illegal activity.

In short:
Never post a node with no comprehensible English words in it, for the sake of screen reading text-to-speech software, translation software, and Deaf individuals who would still like to appreciate nodes which center on sound clips.
Never post a node which does not link to nodes by other authors. Never post a node which does not give credit to its sources and connections.
Never use nodes, threads, and editing to harass one another or destroy one another’s content and connections.

Never use nodes to display child pornography, animal abuse, gratuitous gore, or other similar things which go beyond the pale.

Please also refer to Glass Bead Game Nodes, Sources, and Connections, for the stylistic and formatting preferences we use to make the site convenient, accessible, and attractive.

This is our Game and our Players’ Village. It is meditative, extremely personal, contemplative, and also an exploration of all created human culture. Respect it, one another, and the culture we explore, accordingly.

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