A Source is created when a Node uses information, material, or anything else directly derived from somebody else's creative work and not your own. It is different from a Connection in that sources are only added when a Node's content derives from a body of work which already exists, whereas a connection can be made between one 100% original piece of work and another 100% original piece of work, without either of them using content from the other.

If, for example, a node is a story involving characters from the television show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood [1], then the show itself needs to be cited in the node, at the first mention of either the show or the name of the character, as a bracketed footnote number. That number then needs to refer to a hard linked, accurately named, and year-dated source at the bottom of the node.

If, however, a node is a story in which characters learn themes similar to, but not identical to, themes taught in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, then the show does not need to be cited as a source, because the node does not derive from the show. Instead, a hard link could be posted as a connection at the bottom of the node, to demonstrate how they have some particular quality in common (the shared similar themes).

Sources are always hard links in the footnotes, never pipe links in the body text.

[1] Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Wikipedia.

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