Playable Glass Bead Games

"Glass Bead Game Playable Variant" is Charles Cameron's term for an attempt to realize the Glass Bead Game in the real world in a playable way. One may think of a playable variant as "a glass bead game" (or lowercase gbg) rather than "The Glass Bead Game" (or uppercase GBG, which depending on viewpoint is either the fictional construct from the novel Das Glasperlenspiel, or an unattainable ideal, or both).

The following Playable Variants are currently accessible on the Internet. All links below lead off-site from Vicus Lusorum:

The Bead Game: The reincarnation of of

Digital Bead Game: A recent, computer-mediated playable variant.

Domino Bead Game: A competitive domino game by Sid Sackson, inspired by Das Glasperlenspiel.

Everything2: A wiki-esque site composed of nodes of write-ups on every imaginable topic, connected in unique ways sufficient to qualify it as an unintentional gbg.

Glass Plate Game: One of the earliest known playable variants, designed by Dunbar Aitkens -- "a conversation in the trappings of a board game".

HipBone: Charles Cameron's HipBone Games are probably the most popular gbg on the Internet.

Intrachange: A gbg by William Horden, based on correspondences between the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and the 64 squares of a chessboard.

Kennexions: designed by Ron Hale-Evans, Kennexions is based on the Norse poetic form called the Kenning, among other things.

Ludus Sollemnis: A gbg by Terence MacNamee, based on liturgical drama.

Organic Poetry: Like Scrabble, with words instead of letters, and with associations linking them.

Toward the Glass Bead Game: A fascinating gbg by Joshua Fost, which uses XML and the Semantic Web (also an ambition of Kennexions).

Vicus Lusorum: Our own home site, a wiki-formatted gbg and collaborative story engine which uses Everything2 as a model for noding, and which also uses the entire Internet as sources for game beads.

WaldzellGbg: The Waldzell Glass Bead Game, designed by Mark Line, takes an analytical approach.

See also Bamboo Garden for Seattle's original gbg design community.

The bulk of the information on this page was obtained from , The Glass Bead Game wiki.

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