Glass Bead Game Resources

If you want Playable Glass Bead Games, that link is a compiled list of gbgs found online which are playable.

All of the links below lead off-site from Vicus Lusorum.

The Glass Bead Game: Cosmic Play in a Symbolic Universe:
A website which discusses the GBG at length.

Glass Bead Game Wiki: Another collaborative website for devotees of the Game.

HipBone Games at and HipBone Project at Two iterations of Charles Cameron's HipBone Game Project, with all the extensive links and resources included there.

HipBone Game Boards: Printable PDF files of playable game boards for the HipBone system of Glass Bead Games.

Toward the Glass Bead Game: A Rhetorical Invention: An interpretation of the Glass Bead Game under the technology of the Semantic Web. Symbolism from the film Pulp Fiction is presented as an example.

The Elephant's Memory: An attempt at a symbolic pictorial language.

Gismu Glyph: Another attempt at a symbolic pictorial language, deriving from the Lojban conlang.

Ideonomy: A study system conducted around lists, connections, and organization.

Kaleidoscope Puzzle: Mentions the Glass Bead Game and the interrelationship between mathematics and music.

Memory Palace: A method for expanding one's memory through spatial awareness, good for developing a concept of architectural space and connectivity.

The bulk of the information on this page was obtained from , The Glass Bead Game wiki.

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