Village of Glass Bead Game Players

The Vicus Lusorum, "village of players," is the primary site of competition and collaboration for players of the Glass Bead Game in Herman Hesse's [1] Das Glasperlenspiel [2].

Our interpretation of the Glass Bead Game is a fantastic blend of Ludism, Cuilism, Deconstruction, Discordianism, arts, sciences, history, music, literature, videos, pop culture, tropes, archetypes, wikis, original stories, journals, biographies, philosophy, and RPGs.

If you want to learn more about the Glass Bead Game and find playable forms of the Glass Bead Game, please visit the following.

The Glass Bead Game

Glass Bead Game Resources

Playable Glass Bead Games

If you are brand new to the site and intend to participate in our Game, please take a look at the following, to get acquainted with how we work here.


Glass Bead Game Nodes


Vicus Lusorum Etiquette

[1] Herman Hesse; Wikipedia.
[2] Das Glasperlenspiel. Herman Hesse, 1943. Full text.